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We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

As a result of COVID-19, the hotel will be closed through July 2, 2020. For reservations with stays through July 1, 2020, we want to say thank you for choosing the Luxe Rodeo Hotel for your upcoming stay. Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to accommodate your reservation. The hotel will re-open on July 2, 2020, and is accepting reservations beyond this date. With the re-open, guests will also enjoy newly renovated rooms.

For any questions, please contact reservations.rodeo@luxehotels.com.

Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel strives to protect the health of our guests and team members alike. We prioritize your wellbeing and that of your families by reducing the risk of harmful bacteria being spread. We request your adherence to the signage posted throughout the property and we appreciate your effort in helping us keep our hotel a clean and healthy environment. On behalf of the Management & Team, I want to thank you for choosing the Luxe Sunset Blvd. Hotel and for helping to protect all our guests and employees and their extended networks.


We have implemented the following initiatives to keep our property safe:

For Public Areas

  • There are alcohol rubs strategically placed throughout the hotel’s public areas that will be refreshed often.
  • We have provided tissues and additional trash receptacles in public areas.
  • There are dedicated staff members who will clean high touch points such as front desk, elevator banks, coffee stations, doorknobs, etc. in the public areas ensuring that all are cleaned bi-hourly.
  • We are subject to and will enforce the public heath orders that are issued. During this time, guidelines have been put in place limiting the number of people in one area. Because of this we have closed the dining area for our Luxe Club and have limited meeting space. As per the orders from local authorities, we will re-open these while maintaining social distancing measures.

For Guest and Guest Rooms

  • We are offering optional curbside check-in to all guests in order to reduce time spent in public areas.
  • Facemasks will be required by all guests in public areas. Facemasks and gloves will be available to guests upon check-in and during the remainder of their stay.
  • Concierge Services will be conducted over the phone.
  • We have partnered with Zingle to provide guests with live-time text messaging communications with our staff.
  • For additional sanitation, all guest rooms will be left vacant for 24 hours after the previous guest checks out.
  • All room deliveries will be contactless delivery.
  • Guest are encouraged to check out of their room over via the phone or by text message.

For Employees

  • Employees are required to stay home if they are showing systems of illness. They have been made aware of their available sick leave and additional leave provided by the State and Federal Government. Employees will be allowed to carry a negative sick leave balance if needed. No employee will lose their job if they are rendered unable to work due to illness or exposure to illness in their households and familial networks.
  • Employees will be provided their own work tools and are not permitted to share phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment with one another. This is to prevent the potential spread of illness.
  • All employees have been given a copy of our Social Distancing Protocol required by the County of Los Angeles Public Health which can be found here.
  • Employees are required to practice Social Distancing guidelines throughout the property. Workstations have been moved apart, and shifts have been staggered. Those that can work from home will do so.
  • Social Distancing is required in the employee breakrooms.
  • All internal meetings have been changed to teleconferences.
  • Department Managers are holding pre-shift briefings for their staff; safety requirements and expectations will be addressed and upheld to the maximum capacity.
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