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Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel Introduces New Summer Inspired Cocktails


With July right around the corner and June gloom slowly fading away, nothing goes better with this lovely Southern California weather than a nice, refreshing beverage. Luxe Hotels Executive Chef Olivier Rousselle has transformed a handful of summer flavors into delicious cocktails at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. These light, seasonal beverages feature all natural fruit, low carbonated sodas and reduced cane sugar ingredients.
Chef Rousselle shares some of his favorite recipes to make at home, or enjoy them at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel’s Luxe Lounge or On Sunset Restaurant:
Champagne Hibiscus Cocktail
• Fruit Lab Organic Hibiscus Liquor – 1 oz.
• Cava Brut Champagne – 5 oz.
• 1 Strawberry
• 6 oz. glass
Pour Fruit Lab Organic Hibiscus Liquor into champagne flute. Add Cava Brut Champagne and garnish with a strawberry.
Cucumber Cooler
• Grey Goose Poire 1.5 oz
• Spindrifft Fresh-pressed Cucumber seltzer 9.5 oz.
• Ice
• Slice of Cucumber
• 12 oz. goblet glass
Pour Grey Goose Poire and the Spindrift Fresh-pressed Cucumber Seltzer in to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake ingredients until well mixed, and pour in to goblet glass. Serve on the rocks and garnish with a freshly cut cucumber slice.
Orange-Mango Crush
• Grey Goose Orange – 1.5 oz.
• Shaken spindrift orange-mango soda – 3.5 oz.
• Ice
• Orange Slice
• 6 oz. standard rocks glass
Pour Grey Goose Orange and Spindrift Orange-Mango soda in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake ingredients until well mixed, and pour into a rocks glass. Serve with ice and garnish with an orange slice.
TRU Martini
• TRU Botanical mixed vodka – 4oz.
• Shaken vermouth – splash
• Two blue cheese olives
• Chilled 6 oz. stemless martini glass
Pour TRU Botanical mixed vodka with a splash of shaken vermouth into a cocktail shaker. Shake ingredients until well mixed, and pour in to stemless martini glass. Serve dry with garnish of two blue cheese filled olives.
Posted: 06/23/2015
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