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Renée Strauss Shares Top Wedding Trends For 2015

By Renée Strauss
These days, many couples hope to create a wedding day that not only speaks to their personalities but also feel very “of-the-moment.” While this might sound like a tall order, it’s actually quite easy to incorporate some of today’s exciting bridal trends into your celebration. As you get into the thick of planning, keep in mind these 15 wedding ideas that are both meaningful and very now.
1. Family really matters: 
One of the emerging wedding themes this year is the celebration of heritage. Instead of rustic or beach themed weddings, we are seeing more couples personalizing their wedding by celebrating their culture. A great way to do this is through food. A wedding that serves margaritas, tamales and churros will have a different ambiance from one that serves pizza, Barolo, and espresso.
2. Veils are back—and they are important:
Ever since the Royal Wedding and Kim Kardashian’s recent nuptials, brides have slowly begun to shy away from understated birdcage veils opting instead for elaborate, Cathedral-length veils. In addition to the added length, veils can also be embellished with wide-lace boarders.
3. It’s all about going backless:
Rather than thigh-high slits or revealing cut outs, this season brides are exposing their backs. Once warmer weather sets in, look out for gowns that are cut to reveal the natural curve at the small of the back.
4. Tulle is flowing everywhere:
Satin, chiffon, organza, lace, taffeta and tulle have long been the most popular fabrics for wedding dresses. However, in order to match the elegance of a cathedral length veil, tulle will be the supreme fabric choice for brides and flower girls this year.
5. Reusing and repurposing are big:
This season, nothing will go to waste after the wedding. Brides and grooms are asking their vendors to recycle products post-celebration (and choosing materials that allow for this happen). Flower arrangements and centerpieces are being sent to hospitals and assisted living facilities; leftover meals and hors d’oeuvres are being sent to homeless shelters.
6. Social media is still trending:
The advent of social media was game changing for weddings. Some couples even forgo hiring a photographer and leave the picture taking to their guests. This year’s hottest trend is photo booths that sync with social media—booths now have the technology to upload photos directly online using the wedding party’s personalized #hashtag.
7. Couples sit for pre-nuptial interviews:
Due to chaos and in part to an old superstition, couples rarely get the chance to see each other before the ceremony. As a result, couples are now delegating someone to interview them separately before the ceremony. The short video clips are then shared later on during the reception.
8. All that glitters is gold:
Gold is trending to be the number one color this season since it has a variety of accents that can range anywhere from dusty rose to sage green. You’ll see this glamorous metallic on gowns, linen overlays, shoes and accessories.
9. Monograms are for everyone:
Couples are beginning to combine the bride’s and groom’s first initials with the surname’s initial to create a personalized monogram. Couples then use these unique monograms or logos on wedding invitations and thank-you notes, while guests use them on gifts such as towels and linens.
10. Naked cakes are being cut:
While veils and wedding dresses are becoming more ornate, the opposite is true of cake décor. Simplicity is key this year, as couples are opting to decorate cakes with fresh fruit or flowers in place of icing. Powdered sugar, which adds a touch of festivity, is another up-and-coming naked cake topping.
11. Cakes get a technical touch:
Cake mapping is another trend in minimalistic cake décor. This new phenomenon is gaining popularity since it allows a cake to double as entertainment. Garnished with only white fondant, lights and projectors then display images, videos and patterns on the cake to help tell the couple’s story.

12. Champagne toasts endure:
Despite the price, champagne will continue to be the drink of choice for toasts this year. Since weddings are expensive, couples are budgeting to make room for the French beverage. It’s just not a celebration without the bubbly!
13. Pantone is a bride’s best friend:
Pantone is the fashion world’s leading source for identifying trending colors. Brides are now joining the craze and using the Pantone Matching System to help find the perfect color scheme for everything from bridesmaid’s dresses to table linens.
14. Guests get into the spotlight with Guesterly:
This popular new service helps introduce guests to one another, allowing the group to foster a sense of community for your big day. Guesterly works with Facebook to create bios for everyone on the guest list, which are then published in a miniature magazine you can distribute to guests.
15. Décor goes floral:
While draping is still the go-to for redesigning and softening a venue, designers are now utilizing the natural beauty of moveable walls made of flowers or hedges for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.

Brides and grooms can learn more about these trends at the Luxe Hotels Wedding Event II, featuring Renée Strauss. The Wedding Event II will be held at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, in Los Angeles, on March 9, 2015, from 4-8 PM.  For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit and follow us on Facebook as well as Twitter and Instagram @LuxeWedEvent.
Renée Strauss, an internationally renowned bridal stylist is one of the wedding industry’s foremost experts. After 30 years of establishing herself as the premier bridal retailer of Beverly Hills, Renée continues to cater to an elite clientele from around the world, providing unparalleled service and access to the most exclusive luxury designers.
Posted: 02/11/2015
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